Android 13 May Stop Killing Your Apps Persistently

With a change that’s coming to Android 13 which is being tested currently, Google might be ready at last to improve how task management works in the background.

It does not matter how much RAM manufacturers put into their smartphones, we all have experienced Android killing apps running in the background a little too persistently.

The most you can do is relaunch your last played song on Spotify or go to twitter and reload a tweet. However, in some cases, you may end up losing your data that are unsaved and that is quite frustrating, being that you would have to start all over.

Android 13

Android 13 May Stop Killing Your Apps Persistently

Google is currently working on implementing MGLRU (Multi-Generational Least Recently Used) as a policy on Android. After it was rolled out initially to Chrome OS users, the company combined it into the kernel of Android 13. The company is also ready potentially to expand its reach to countless number of smartphone owners, which is a welcome development.

The function of Multi-Generational Least Recently Used (MGLRU) is to help Android choose which apps should be silently killed in the background. This is effective in the sense that it gives users the opportunity to decide what they want and how they want the apps on their device to be handled.

This also help  in boosting the performance of the Android by shutting down the apps that are least used on a device.

More About The Android 13

According to a senior software engineer at Google, the company has already started testing this sort of memory management using about a million Android devices. Just as XDA points out, those numbers point likely to Android Runtime on Chrome OS and not to smartphones. However, the early results sound promising.

The fleetwide profiling of Google shows a 40% decrease overall in the CPU usage of kswapd, adding to improvements in other UX metrics. Take for instance, a decrease of about 85% in the number of low-memory kills at the 75th percentile and a decrease of 18% renders latency at the 50th percentile.

Android 13

Android 13 May Stop Killing Your Apps Persistently

The reduction in usage of the kswapd should return improved CPU performance, which is perfect for any device starting from low-end models to flagships. Nonetheless, what makes us excited is the low-memory kill numbers.

It is possible that this change won’t arrive in Android 13 but it is certain it is being prepared for a future version of the OS. It was pointed out by a second Gerrit the ability to enable  Multi-Generational Least Recently Used, (MGLRU) using ADB commands. We never can tell, we may get to try it out once the Android 13 beta program that is upcoming is live.

That is all what we have here concerning this. If this feature is being implemented, it will go a long way in helping each and everyone of us determine how our phone operates and it will also help in the smooth running of our devices.

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