Apex Legend : Review and Amazing Features 2022

Apex Legends is the only battle royale game where I can launch myself into the air and dodge bullets through the air while hurling a small black hole into enemy formations as my teammates simultaneously rain fire from mortars at them.

Since its release in 2019, Apex has continued to grow and evolve in interesting ways, adding more content and fresh ideas to a genre that is often thought of as derivatives. Quick matches never made my heart skip a beat as I jumped, missed, and dodged bullets while shooting sniper rifles to win 1v1 duels and revive my teammates.

Mobility, versatility, and teamwork combine to create an exciting and rewarding feeling that I have not experienced in any other battle royale game. While the structure here is pretty familiar – stumbling across a huge map, picking up randomly scattered loot and fighting in a closed circle to be the last team standing – 16 characters themselves can be playable (called Legendary) made Apex feel like your treadmill battle royale shooter.

Apex legend

Apex Legend : Review and Amazing Features

Where traditionally you start the battle royale like a blank slate and your role is determined only by which gear you’re lucky in, everyone here has their own set of abilities and special forces. Your own is that you can choose to fit your personal playing style.

I especially like how different Legends can interact and work together as a team of three to get the most out of powers they couldn’t on their own. For example, if someone on your team plays like Caustic or Bangalore and throws smoke bombs, choosing Bloodhound for its ability to see through smoke and mark enemies around would be a natural choice.

And while some legends feel stronger than others in certain situations, I like that who wins on penalties isn’t always what determines your victory. Skills can be used to enhance your own knowledge of enemy locations with Bloodhound or to gain a height advantage with Horizon.

Apex legend

Apex Legend : Review and Amazing Features

But Apex relies more on your individual skills than on the specific moves in your Legend, especially compared to a hero shooter like Overwatch where abilities really matter while building. Good team composition with limited roles to fill.

Each Legend also has a storyline built from the same world from developer Respawn’s Titanfall series. Apex is set 30 years after the events of Titanfall 2 and further expands on this already captivating universe through a major event-driven unfolding story.

While you may not see much of that content in the middle of a match, it’s well told through the comics and short films that include in-world explanations of how the Apex game you fought came to be, how each legend finds their way about them, how they relate to each other, and even how they interact outside of the Game.

There’s a lot of creativity and lore to be explored here, and given that the Titanfall games are never really due, it’s exciting to see Respawn continue its universe through Apex.

Apex Legend : Skill or Ingenuity

Apex legend

Apex Legend : Review and Amazing Features

I really like that if you’re fighting a fully armed enemy and you have a gun with no attachments, you still have a good chance of winning the encounter based solely on skill. its ability. In Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape battle royale, part of the problem with the shooter is the fact that unless you have a level five weapon, you can’t really fight enough to stay alive or even really damage your enemies.

No matter how good your lens is. Fortnite does a better job of adding skills than gun rarity, but gun level is still an important factor. In contrast, all of Apex’s weapons are usable without the best accessories, making it truly a game of skill.

Apex legend

Apex Legend : Review and Amazing Features

Apex has a huge arsenal of incredibly satisfying futuristic weapons (some straight from Titanfall), testing your aim more than your luck. If you prefer long-range combat, there is a diverse collection of sniper rifles that range from lighter blasts to slow but heavy slugs, or if you want to get up close, you can choose from a range of SMGs and shotguns.

Every two seasons, a new weapon is added, increasing the variety of guns to choose from. Gun attachments allow you to further customize the weapon to your preferences in terms of handling rather than just increasing damage, making how you use that weapon more important than what’s attached to it.

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