Fascinating : Facebook Does Not Know Where Your Data Goes 2022

A new report going round has found that Facebook or Meta has little knowledge of what is happening to its data. It has been reported that the company didn’t know where its data was stored or what its data was being used for.

This information came, courtesy of a report made internally and drafted by privacy engineers at Facebook’s Ad and Business Product team. Then, it was leaked to Motherboard, through Engadget. Currently, the entire document is available on DocumentCloud.

In the report, the engineer said they do not have an adequate level of control nor can they explain how their systems use data. In the leaked report, there are talks about how new data usage regulations can be dealt with and privacy laws all over the world.


Facebook Does Not Know Where Your Data Goes

The Privacy Engineers passed a warning that it could be challenging to make any promises to countries about handling the data of their citizens. Furthermore, the authors of the report cited the unavailability of closed-form systems as one of their biggest challenges. Simply put, Facebook makes use of a sort of open borders policy.

The company kept all kinds of data together, not excluding third-party user data, first party user data and other data that are sensitive. So they can get their point across, the engineers gave an example of dropping ink on a lake of water and still trying to get it back.

The bottle of ink, contains a mixture of all kinds of user data, such as 1PD, 3PD, Europe, SCD, etc. If you pour that ink into a lake of water and then it flows everywhere. How would you put that ink back into the bottle? How would it be organized again, so that it will only flow to the places it is allowed to in the lake?

Facebook Was Concerned About New Data Protection Laws Across The World

On the other hand, the engineers express concern about the data protection laws that are changing rapidly across the globe. Countries like South Korea, India, Thailand and South Africa introduced stricter data protection laws recently, which adds to Facebook’s woes.


Facebook Does Not Know Where Your Data Goes

The document leaked also shows a bit of concern from the engineers about data laws as they wonder if the company can actually manage the large wave of new laws that could bring data regulations further. Nonetheless, the notion was rejected by Meta that they are not complying with privacy laws.

A company spokesperson told Motherboard, “Considering that this document does not describe our processes that are extensive and controls to comply with privacy regulations, it’s simply not accurate to conclude that it demonstrates non-compliance”.

He further said that the new privacy regulations across the world introduce different requirements and this document shows the technical solutions they are building to improve the current measures they have already planned to manage data and also meet up their obligations.

The size of Facebook simply meant that the company had access to large amounts of data. Still, it is pretty surprising that the company is yet to figure out how to store sensitive data effectively. While the claims has been denied by Facebook, it is certain that this won’t be the last time we will hear about it.

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