Google Pixel 6a : Here are 6 Things we Would Love to See at the Launch

We are expecting Google Pixel 6a to be announced really soon. We are aware of some of the details of the phone already, with the leaks exposing the components, features and even the packaging which has been making headlines in the recent weeks.

The confirmation of what to expect officially will be released very soon. But for now, here is what we would like to see out of the mid-range phone of Google.

A Tensor CPU

With what we have been hearing since the month of November that Google’s A-Series phone will have the same chipset as the Google’s Pixel 6a that’s already existing. Therefore, this feels like an ask that’s reasonable. It will be really nice to see a Tensor CPU in the Pixel 6a.

The Pixel 6 series has a history of slow and buggy updates and this could be attributed to its Tensor. If it really is, then it’s obvious we really need a Tensor-powered 6a so far it will get stable and timely updates.

New Camera hardware

Google Pixel 6a

New Camera Hardware

The same reports that was released that made us believe the forthcoming Google Pixel 6a will be Tensor-powered has also said the new mid-range phone will contain the same camera Hardware, just like the Pixel 5a, so, this one appears to be less realistic.

But even at that, we will be happy to see a Google Pixel 6a having a newer Camera sensor.

Longer Update Support

Pixel phones are known to have updates that are longer than other phones from their Android manufacturer. So, we would love to see the Google Pixel 6a launched with the same update just like the Pixel 6; which is 5 years of security updates and 3 years of Android version updates.

We are optimistic about this, however, we would love it if Google could include a longer lifespan for both the 6a and the already existing Pixel 6.

Wireless Charging

Google Pixel 6a

Wireless Charging

One thing that Google a-series phones have always lacked but is one that is nice to have is Wireless charging. It is difficult to argue about the essentiality of wireless charging at this point in time.

Including wireless charging to Google Pixel 6a would make real sense because the more people with Pixel that has wireless charging means there will be more customers to buy the Google’s extremely expensive wireless chargers.

High-Refresh Rate Display

It will be awesome to have a wireless charging and an even faster display in the Pixel 6a, even though it seems unrealistic. However, we hope that it’s the other if it isn’t one of it.

Nowadays, it’s rare to see an even budget phones just like the $250 Samsung Galaxy A13 having a 90Hz panels. This particular 90Hz panel is not really good but then, standards are shifting and a Pixel 6a having a 60Hz display would feel really outdated, even at the $450 mid range price of 5a.

Wider Availability

Availability of the Google Pixel 6a widely would be a win for everyone. As customers anywhere they are located would have another mid-range option, also, Google will have more people that would purchase the available option. We have no choice but to wait and see if the company would be about to make this a success.

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