Best Way To Send HD Images On WhatsApp as Document 2022

one major problem 90% of whatsapp messenger users face is to send HD Images and obviously it’s not a good thing. Sending images is a norms on whatsapp and I can attest to over millions of images been sent across right now even as you come across this post.

Talk more of whatsapp status where we have lots of crazy contacts who updates full gallery albums on their status.

This post is specifically for those who are pissed whenever they try sending a studio picture, gallery images and the others across to their contacts, family, friends and colleagues on whatsapp but always having the image quality/size dropped.

That should be the past after getting to read through all steps below. I would guide you on a simple way on how you could send HD images on whatsapp as document without its quality/size been dropped or reduced.

Surprising, but it is true! Image below shows a particular studio picture sent to me before and after following method of sending images as document on whatsapp I’d show to you now.

send HD images

How to send HD images on whatsapp as document

Was surprise seeing an image size of 24kb, I imagined the quality drop and decided not to waste my time downloading it, because definitely it’s going to be a NO! NO!!

So I had to do a VN (Voice note) directing him on how to send me the full HD picture on whatsapp as document without image quality/size been dropped. The second image to the right shows same image with its original size and quality! To my surprise it was actually a 4mb sized picture that was previously dropped to a 24kb download.

It’s pretty annoying I must confess! Good thing is that, you don’t need to send full HD images via Mails, Telegram, clouds e.t c any more. All you have to do is simply follow the method I am about dropping down right away to send any image as a document file on whatsapp without losing the quality and image size.

How To Send HD Images On Whatsapp As Document Without Image Quality/Size Dropped

If you must know, gbwhatsapp users can simply get this applied directly on the share and send settings which can be found on the whatsapp mod settings. That should be a story for another day! Back to business of the day.


☑️Open your whatsapp

☑️Open conversation with the contact you wish to send the image to

☑️Now tap on the share icon button you see on the text area (Image guide below)

☑️Now tap on documents

☑️Select image application(depending on the easiest app to get the image)

send HD images

Select Image Application

☑️Select the folder where the image is stored

☑️Now tap on the image and accept the prompted pop up (send.…..………png to (contact name)?

send HD images

Select the folder where the image is stored)

send HD images

Now tap on the image and accept the prompted pop up (send.…..………png to (contact name)?

Finally it’s done!! that’s how to send HD images!

Now whatsapp image is sent successfully as document and the receiver gets to receive the image just exactly as it is on your device, without image size/quality been dropped.

What To Observe After Sending WhatsApp Image As Document

Observe the image size as seen on the second image with id number 4833.png to be 1.30mb, and after sending still retains its original quality and size.

This is far the best way to get images sent across to your contacts on whatsapp without having to edit image extension to a document file extension.

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