Amazing New WhatsApp Feature : Here’s What Is Coming To The Messaging Platform 2022

It has now been acknowledged that a new whatsapp feature  is coming to the App officially. The company talked about other features which includes the ability to share emoji reactions, larger files and more.

The company also wrote a blog post revealing details of the new WhatsApp feature that’s been brought to the messaging app which includes the communities feature, that’s likely the biggest addition that’s been made to the platform in years.

Communities will include a collection of separate groups, according to WhatsApp. The communities will allow organizations such as local clubs, schools and nonprofits to come together as one and carry out activities more efficiently.

WhatsApp Communities

New WhatsApp Feature

New WhatsApp Feature

The company wrote a blog post that reads people can get updates that are being sent to an entire community and organize smaller discussion groups easily to discuss what matters to them.

The communities admin will have access to powerful tools which will enable them to control the groups to be included. Also, they will be able to send broadcast announcement messages to everyone that is in the community. Furthermore, WhatsApp has assured that the chats within communities will be encrypted end-to-end.

You have to note that a specific date hasn’t been released yet about when the communities will be implemented on the platform. However, it shouldn’t take much time now. At the same time, more updates that will be brought to WhatsApp include what we’ve been hearing for some time.

WhatsApp New Features Emoji Reactions 2GB File And More

New WhatsApp Feature

New WhatsApp Feature


WhatsApp File Sharing Limit Increased to 2GB

This is really happening. WhatsApp is working on increasing the file sharing limit for users, from as little as 100MB to 2GB this year. This feature was tested in the beta version of WhatsApp with selected users in Argentina and the global release has been confirmed by the platform. For now, WhatsApp only lets users send files worth 100MB to their friends.


Whatsapp Audio Calls To Support 32 Members

Soon, the audio calling of WhatsApp will let you have up to 32 members simultaneously. Right now, the messaging app only allows you to have a maximum of 8 members on an audio call. But hopefully, that will change before the end of the year.

Whatsapp Group Admins Get More Power

More options and controls have been brought to Groups by WhatsApp. This time around, WhatsApp is working on empowering the group admin further. The messaging app, WhatsApp, says that Group Admins will now have the choice to delete messages that they think or feel are not suitable for the Group and its members. This control given to the Group Admin is a really nice one, as this will be sure to make the group members be in good conduct.

Very soon, you will be able to react to messages by using emojis. Admins in groups will be able to remove inappropriate messages from the chats of everyone. The file sharing limit will be further increased to 2GB. Lastly, one tap voice call will let up to 32 people communicate with each other.

Once again, there is no information yet on when all these new features will be released on WhatsApp. This article will be updated when we have more details.

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