New Whatsapp Feature : WhatsApp Is Testing Advanced Feature That Lets You Hide Your “Last Seen” Status From Specific Contacts 2022

A new handy privacy new whatsApp  feature is been tested, which lets users hide their Last Seen status from a set of contacts. This feature is available on the latest beta versions for Android and iOS currently but there’s no time for when it will be rolled out to users.

This feature was added by WhatsApp recently on the iPhone/iOS beta as their latest effort to introduce new privacy options for users. It is already available to some beta testers who are using the latest WhatsApp beta versions and it will be released shortly to other users in waves.

New Whatsapp Feature

New Whatsapp Feature : WhatsApp is Testing Advanced Feature that Lets You Hide Your “Last Seen” status From Specific contacts

Usually, the feature “Last Seen” appears just below the name of the user and displays when they opened the app last. The Last Seen feature states the particular time, if the person was active on WhatsApp within the day or the last date, if they haven’t been active for sometime.

More About The New Whatsapp Feature

Now, WhatsApp allows users to limit their Last Seen status to their contacts alone or entirely disable the feature. Once the feature is turned on, it prevents others from knowing if their messages have been read.

While WhatsApp lets its users put off their read receipts, the time on “Last Seen” can suggest that the user recently opened the app. Also, this update also allows you to hide your profile photo and the section for “About” that is just under your name from certain contacts.

New Whatsapp Feature

New Whatsapp Feature : WhatsApp is Testing Advanced Feature that Lets You Hide Your “Last Seen” status From Specific contacts

This setting can be accessed by Beta testers by going to settings, then to Account and Privacy and clicking on the setting “My Contacts Except”. After you’ve selected the setting, it will take you to a list of your contacts where you can remove some specific names.

There is no word yet on the official release of the feature to stable versions of WhatsApp. As at last year, a major security enhancement was released by the company which closed a major issue in their end-to-end encryption.

Hide WhatsApp “Last Seen” from Everyone

To prevent anyone from seeing your WhatsApp status, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open WhatsApp and tap Settings.
  • Step 2: Select an account.
  • Step 3: Select privacy.
  • Step 4: tap Show at Last and select Everyone.

Now no one (whether on your list or a stranger with your phone number on the phone) knows when you were last active. However, keep in mind that when you’re actually online, you’ll see the word “online” under your name.

The above steps only hide the last online status, not whether you are currently online. Also, if you hide the last viewed image, you will not be able to see the last viewed status of other users, even if other users choose to show the last viewed image to all users. ..

Hide WhatsApp “Last Seen” Only From Selected Contacts

As of April 2022, WhatsApp is still testing the a new whatsApp feature which gives users the ability to hide recent messages from certain contacts. There is no special switch to prevent only one or some people from seeing the last status they saw.

If you need to hide WhatsApp final confirmation status from a specific person, you can select My Contacts in step 4 above. This ensures that the final confirmation status is only visible to the contact user. Then copy their phone number to the iPhone Notes app (for storage) and delete the contacts. It’s not ideal, but it’s a possible route if you need it.

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