Breaking : The OnePlus 10R Performance Will Be Pushed To The Max

Nord CE 2 Lite

At the international launch of the OnePlus 10 Pro is out of the way, the focus of the company is being shifted towards other devices of the 10 series. Of which one of the more interesting one is the OnePlus 10R; which is the successor to the 9R/9RT.

The hyping of this phone has been fired up officially as a launch event has been announced for it by OnePlus (also for the Nord CE 2 Lite). This launch event will take places on April 28th for India market.

We are aware that the phone will support 150W charging and will also be powered by MediaTek silicon, the 8100’s “MAX” variant specifically. This specification is a nice one.

OnePlus 10R

The OnePlus 10 R: Performance Will Be Pushed To The Max


Rumors released previously gave hint about the phone but it’s been confirmed that it will be launching in China as the OnePlus Ace and it would be powered by MediaTek’s flagship Dimensity 9000. Recent leaks revealed that the phone, the OnePlus 10R may be a rebranded Realme GT Neo 3 and run a Dimensity 8100.

More About The Performance Of The OnePlus 10R

As 150W charging has been added to the mix, the information on the new chip by OnePlus matches a lot better with those later leaks. Only thing is a new Max variant is being talked about instead.

The exact difference between the Max and non-Max variants isn’t known but the standard 8100 seems to tally well with Snapdragon 888 of last year so an excellent mileage out of this phone can be expected.

The chip may not be as good a chip as the Dimensity 9000 nevertheless, it is a strong one. Between that and the 150W charging ability, this device will be a better one than the OnePlus 10 Pro for quite a lot of people while the 10 Pro may be a premium flagship that is more balanced.

OnePlus 10R

The OnePlus 10R’s: Performance Will Be Pushed To The Max

However, the 10R is looking for means to incorporate a lot of exciting features while still maintaining its power enough for most users.

This is necessary because a good phone will attract more customers and the more users that are interested in this, the more the value of the device increases. The exciting features that will be incorporated will put the device way ahead of the others.

With all these that have been said, we do not expect the phone in other markets that are not in India and China. The launch of the phone will start from the markets in China and India,h spreads out to other markets and eventually go global.

As the announcement that will take place on April 28th is getting closer, more and more details will be slowly unveiled by OnePlus about its phone, so be at alert so you can know more.

Now, you know some exciting features and what to expect from the OnePlus 10R. It is important you look out for more details concerning the device.

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