Breaking : The Next Big-Boy Foldable Of Samsung Won’t Have a Bigger Battery 2022

We are still months away from learning anything that is official about next gen foldable phones of Samsung but there have been leaks starting to paint a picture of what we should expect from the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

For instance, one new report claims that the phone would enjoy a camera update that is much needed while it will also arrive in an aspect ratio that’s slightly different. Now, the latest find includes new support for some of the rumors while it also dashes our hopes of any large improvements related to battery capacity.


The Next Big-Boy Foldable Of Samsung

As spotted by Galaxy Club, the certification of the two batteries expected to power the Z Fold 4 has been picked in South Korea and it is rated 2,002mAh and 2,268 mAh.

If you do the calculation, the total capacity equates to 4,270mAh which is pretty much the same as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 having a 4,275mAh battery capacity. The phone will likely be marketed as 4,400mAh by Samsung, just like they did with the Fold 3.

More About The Next Big-Boy Foldable Of Samsung

That is not great news to hear, considering that the battery life of the Fold 3 has been a major point of worry for some of the users. Nothing new has been heard about the charging speed of the phone but we hope that Samsung will include a 45W support so as to reduce the sting of the small battery capacity a bit.


Comparing Galaxy Z Fold 3’s predecessor, Galaxy Z Fold 3 has IPX8 waterproofing, together with a tougher frame. So, we are expecting that the Z Fold 4 would retain the same IP eating, if not improve it.

Reports claim that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be launched with similar size displays compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

We are expecting that the internal and external display will offer a refresh rate of 120Hz, just like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and we expect that the HDR10+ will be supported.

Rumors also suggest that Samsung will offer a UTG (ultra-thin glass) that is more tougher and improved for the Galaxy Z Fold 4.




The Next Big-Boy Foldable Of Samsung

There are also new reports that hint at the foldable being slimmer and smaller. So, we shouldn’t be too hard on Samsung as they try to at least manage to maintain the capacity of the battery.

The shrinking size ties with the reported new aspect ratio of the phone indirectly. Based on the rumors, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will support a 7.56″ folding screen and 6.19″ cover screen, compared to the 7.6″ and 6.7″ displays of the Fold 3 respectively.

The outer screen would be slightly wider and be a little more comfortable to type on, hopefully and the folding screen would even more be squared out.

The rumors released earlier suggest the Galaxy Z Fold4 would have a built-in S pen. However, it’s sounding like it won’t be so from the recent leaks. Considering the space the stylus takes up and the current struggle of the battery, it is understandable.

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