Galaxy S10 : The Awaited March Security Patch Have Been Released

The Galaxy S10 isn’t a new phone, however it has a lot of use in 2022 still. The phone launched in 2019 just got a new security patch to make it more secure; but you have to know that it’s not the latest and greatest.  The March 2022 security patch was just pushed to the Galaxy S10 phones in the US by Samsung.

According to SamMobile, right now, the March security patch is only available for the carrier-unlocked version of the Galaxy S10. It hasn’t landed for the carrier-locked version of the phone, therefore you have to look out for when it will get to that version. That is if it is really important for you.

Galaxy S10

The March Security Patch Have Been Released to The Galaxy S10

The security patch for March brings solutions for 50 vulnerabilities in the software for the phone. It isn’t just the solutions it brings alone. There are big fixes and improvements in the stability of the device. While these stability and bugs issues may not really have affected the users, it is still nice to have them, for the smooth running of your device.

Going further, it is quite disappointing that last month’s update was pushed by Samsung. We do not know the reason why but recently, the company released the security patch for April 2022 for its Galaxy S22 phones and Galaxy foldables.

With the update that was released, the vulnerability fixes of the phones are 88 and they got bug fixes and stability patches alongside.

Is the Galaxy S10 still a good phone to buy in 2022?

The release of the Galaxy S10 was made some years back. Putting it into one’s perspective, it was launched just a year before Covid-19 came into existence and rearranged the world’s schedule entirely.

Galaxy S10

The March Security Patch Have Been Released to The Galaxy S10

While the Galaxy S10 is few years old, it is still quite good for most tasks carried out with it and the gaming activities done day-to-day. The display of the device will also look good in the year 2022.

Talking about the software support of the device, the Galaxy S9 just received its end-of-life update, which simply means that the death certificate of Galaxy S10 will be released next year. With the release of the death certificate, the usefulness of the device will not last for a long time.

So, if you are thinking of getting one of the phones, you may be looking at getting it because you just need a smartphone with Samsung’s software and one that has a great display.

Putting in mind that you wouldn’t use the phone for long is honestly okay. You can probably purchase a nice used Galaxy S10 for the price of $350 or $500 if you check very well.

That is all there is to it! While we are looking forward to getting the March security patch, we are also hoping to have the vulnerability issues and that of the bugs fixed.

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