New 2022 Telegram Update Gives You Control of Your Notification Alert


Telegram is among one of the major communication apps together with WhatsApp, Slack and Messenger. The company seems to release so many updates over the year and there has been no change about it.

According to a source, there’s a new Telegram update about Telegram which will allow users to make use of their own custom notification sounds as the notification alert.

Users of Telegram should be happy as the messaging platform updated several features to the app just last month. The Telegram update consisted of some new login options, a revamped dark mode and additions to the download manager. Also, it appears like Telegram wanted to move to the top as there were some neat additions.

Telegram Update

New 2022 Telegram Update Gives You Control of Your Notification Alert

This update will please you definitely if you are tired of the regular alert sounds in Telegram. There are several other additions that came with this update, but the main one is the ability of Telegram users to use or make their own notification alert to their taste.

To access this feature, go to your notification settings in a chat. You will see a new button under the Telegram tones section titled “Upload sound”. Once you click on it, you will be able to choose an audio file from your phone.

More About The New Telegram Update

There are few things to take note of. Firstly, you have the ability to save the sound you may receive from people in a chat as a notification. Tap and hold down on the audio that was sent and tap the option “Save for notification”. After you’ve done that, you will be able to make use of the sound as an alert.

Telegram Update

New 2022 Telegram Update Gives You Control of Your Notification Alert

Secondly, this won’t be the default Telegram sound; it’s per conversation. This simply means that one sound could be set for one chat and a different sound for another. You can set certain sounds for conversations that are more important so you can know the ones to focus on.

Before now, you could mute conversations using Telegram but you wouldn’t be able to adjust how long you want to mute the conversations. It can be muted for either right hours or two days which is pretty annoying.

Now, you will have more control over how long you want to mute your conversation. You could have it set between one hour and several weeks. A change has been made with the auto-delete function. The first thing is that the feature can be accessed directly from the profile. There are also more options to set how long content stays after it has been seen.

While the changes are being rounded up, the Telegram bots will be able to replace any website and you will be able to forward replies after previewing them. If these features excite you, they have been rolled out to both Android and iOS. So, be sure to check your PlayStore or App store to see if there is a new update for you.

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