Checkout The Amazing Stax App , Its Benefits and Features 2022

Do you get stranded with your transactions if you run out of data or in a place with unstable/slow internet? Then the Stax App is definitely for you.

What Is Stax App

Stax App


Stax is an Automated USSD Banking. It is a simple & secure way to transact offline or online.

Stax is a lightweight android app (6MB) that enables you to perform transactions from your existing bank and mobile money accounts while in one app, and you can use this app without an internet connection!

Considering that each bank and mobile money provider has its own USSD code, it’s a hassle trying to memorize and remember every one of them. Stax aims to take away this burden. You don’t need to remember or dial USSD codes ever again! Simply open the app and enter the transaction details, and the app will handle the rest.

Stax does not access nor hold your money or bank details, it just makes it easier for you to manage and transact securely from multiple bank/MoMo accounts, while offline or online. The way your web browser makes it easy to surf the World Wide Web, Stax allows you to navigate the USSD world!

Benefits Of Stax App

Stax App

Benefits Of The Stax App

  1. Saves you internet subscription (data) cost
  2. Ensure you are never stranded with your transactions if you run out of data or are in place with unstable/slow internet.
  3. Saves you phone space as the app is less than 10MB and yet you can transact with your different bank or MoMo accounts from it.
  4. Offers you convenience and control, in that you can choose to transact with multiple banks and mobile accounts from one app – Stax.
  5. Relieves the stress of memorizing USSD codes and interacting with long USSD Menus Stax is secure.
  6. It does not store your bank data, your pin and it doesn’t even hold your money.

Features Of The Stax App

Send Money

Stax app

Send Money

Send money to your family and friends or transfer money between your own accounts on Stax.

Request Money (Get Paid)

Stax app

Request For Money

Create payment links to request money and send the links via WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS, Email or copy it.

Buy Airtime

Stax app

Buy Airtime

Buy Airtime for yourself or for someone else on Stax.

Pay Bills (only in Kenya)

Stax App

Pay Bills

Pay bills and save the details of your frequent bill payments on Stax app.

Transact Offline

Stax App

Transact Offline

Do all of these transactions with or without internet connection. Your choice!

Get Daily Finance Tips

Stax App

Financial Tips

Every day, there is a new personal finance tip that you can read on Stax app to empower you with the knowledge of how to manage your money better and grow your wealth.


Stax App


SMS and Call Permission

We need phone permissions to be able to detect your SIM and show you the bank or MoMo services available on Stax app for your country. The phone and SMS permissions enable you to select recipients from your contacts when sending airtime or money, and they also help us detect via SMS receipt that your transactions are successful.

Overlay and Accessibility Permission

We want you to enjoy the most seamless experience when moving money offline or online and to do that, Stax dials and navigates USSD platforms on your behalf.

This way you won’t need to remember or type in long codes when you use Stax app, instead, we create an overlay to show you the transaction progress.

Beneath that overlay, Stax dials the right USSD flows in the background of your phone. This is why we need the overlay and accessibility permission.  Do we actually take full control over your phone? No, we don’t! Beyond what is listed above, we do not get or use any other data on your phone.

You can also turn off the permissions at anytime. Stax is going to be synonymous with ease. We want you to enjoy the most seamless experience when moving money offline


The short answer is very secure!

Stax requires a fingerprint or passcode authentication before you open the app. This means that random persons will never be able to gain access to your Stax account.

Stax lets you hide your account balances when you are in public. So even when the app is already open, people won’t immediately see much you have in any of your accounts.

Stax uses 2-factor authentication by design for every single transaction. Every time you refresh a balance, send money or buy airtime, you need your unique SIM card and your bank or mobile money PIN. Stax never stores your PIN.

Your PIN never leaves your device. Whenever you are asked for your PIN in the app, we encrypt the PIN on your device with Android Key Store and delete it as soon you complete your transaction

Stax App

Get It On Google Play store

Using Stax is as simple as DOT. Download > Open > Transact Download: Stax is currently available only on Playstore. Open: Signup using your email is not compulsory to use Stax.

You Can Download The Stax App Via The Link Below

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