Amazing : WhatsApp Groups Will Now Allow You Add Up to 512 Persons

What is the essence of having over 100 groups when 50 is enough?

If you have ever been a part of an organization that works on WhatsApp , you can attest to the fact that the 256 participant limit is one of the most annoying features about the platform.

It forces the management that has thousands of members to spread resources thin, thereby creating multiple WhatsApp groups and managing them. Now, this feature is just about changing as the platform will get an update that will double the number of participants in each of your groups.

It was on Thursday that the WhatsApp blog announced a series of features that will be released to the service. One of the features arriving is the ability to expand the group chat sizes. Now, users will be able to have up to 512 persons in a group. Although this feature is not yet available widely, it is being slowly rolled out to users.


WhatsApp Groups Will Now Allow You Add Up to 512 Persons

The 512 participants that can be in a group is still far from the 200,000 participant limit that is available to Telegram users. However, it is a welcome development.

Currently, WhatsApp is working on another means to manage the multiple group chats more efficiently. That is when communities come to play. A Community will display as a new tab, just like calls and status tabs within the app.

More About The New Whatsapp Feature

A Community will contain many groups and will allow admins to send in announcements and updates to all members of it at once. The WhatsApp community has been in the rumor mill since last year but it was last month that the official announcement was made.


WhatsApp Groups Will Now Allow You Add Up to 512 Persons

The post made by the blog lately reiterated the commitment of the company to ensuring that the features are made available to users soon, which also follows the positive reception after the announcement that was made last month.

Aside from the features above that are still in progress, the company also announced two new additions that are already being rolled out widely. This addition is on the reactions and the increased file sharing size limit.

About the increased file sharing size limit, users will not be able to share files that are up to 2GB in size at a go. This has really happened. WhatsApp has worked on increasing the file sharing limit for its users. This limit was 100MB before and now, it has been increased to 2GB. That is a massive jump from the previous limit of 100MB.

This is a nice feature that WhatsApp added. This feature was tested in WhatsApp beta version with some set of users in Argentina. It has since been tested in the beta version last month and now, it has been rolled out to users.

Furthermore, the new addition; reaction lets users directly respond to messages sent on the platform with six emojis. It is possible that the number would increase as time goes on. This reaction is to ensure that the chat is not crowded with individual replies.

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